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The number of service providers live streaming badminton from various sports channels, is evidence that this sport has a very high interest. It doesn't even need to be doubted, when talking about badminton, Indonesia is the foremost, besides giving birth to many world players with the highest degree order in each competition event, badminton has also at least raised the country's reputation in the international sports arena.Badminton

Badminton is a type of sports game that is only played by 2 people opposite or called single, and 2 opposite pairs called double. Not much different from playing tennis, where the players armed with a racket for hitting tools and kok or shuttlecock that serves as an object being hit. The players must try to hit the kok in order to pass through the net (boundary) and fall on the opponent's place.

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Badminton Schedule | BWF World Tour 2019
01 Oct - 06 OctIndonesia Masters 2019 -Super 100
08 Oct - 13 OctYONEX Dutch Open 2019
15 Oct - 20 OctDANISA Denmark Open 2019
22 Oct - 27 OctYONEX French Open 2019
29 Oct - 03 NovMacau Open 2019
29 Oct - 03 NovSaarLorLux Open 2019
05 Nov - 10 NovFuzhou China Open 2019
12 Nov - 17 NovYONEX-SUNRISE Hong Kong Open 2019
19 Nov - 24 NovKorea Masters 2019
26 Nov - 01 DesSyed Modi International 2019
11 Des - 15 DesHSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2019

Although only played by a smaller number of players compared to football, but this badminton is very exciting and very entertaining to play, the reason the players are required to have special expertise in playing supported by physical peruni. because the game of badminton is very demanding funding for the foresight of the eye, so that any energy must really be extra full in good body condition.

In large international competitions, badminton cannot be held haphazardly because the rules and the game system are included in a competition venue governed by the International Badminton Federation (IBF). As the competition is quite popular namely YONEX Chinese Taipei Open, Myanmar International Series, VICTOR China Open, LI-NING Open, DANISA Denmark, Macau Open, total bwf world championship, Thomas Cup, Sudirman Cup, Uber Cup and so on.

Become one of the prestigious sports, badminton is definitely a show that is much liked by various groups of people, the excitement presented in a badminton match will require anyone to be able to see it. Even some people will be willing to spend time just watching the prestigious event of badmintonEven some people will be willing to spend time just watching the prestigious event of badminton. From here streaming badminton will really need to be presented so that they can be used by those who want to watch the live broadcast.